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Translation of juridical texts

- Simultaneous interpretation

- Sequential interpretation

Written Translation:

- Translation of the text

- Translation of the legal documents

- Translation of the technical documents

- Editing of the translated material

Additional services:

- Notary support

Translation of juridical texts
Translation of juridical texts (translation of the official documents): this is translation of the texts that have relation to the area of law and are used for exchange of information between people who speak different languages.

Translation of juridical texts is a complicated task since law is a specific area connected with social, political and culture peculiarities of the particular country.
To convey information of the official document adequately the language of translation is to be accurate, comprehensible and authentic.

Translation of the official documents could be made only by the professional translators who work in this field. As a rule the translators have corresponding education in the field of law or at least good experience of this kind of translations. Mistranslation of the text of the contract could lead for example to the loss of property and legal claim.

Kinds of translated juridical texts

Depending of type of the translated documents there are possible the following kinds of translation:

Translation of the laws and regulatory legal acts their drafts
Translation of the contracts
Translation of the legal resolutions and memorandums
Translation of the apotiles and notary certificates
Translation of the statutory documents of the legal entities
Translation of the powers of attorney

Editing of the translated text by the other person in certain cases by the professional lawyer is the necessary stage of the juridical texts translation.

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