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Sequential interpretation

- Simultaneous interpretation

- Sequential interpretation

Written Translation:

- Translation of the text

- Translation of the legal documents

- Translation of the technical documents

- Editing of the translated material

Additional services:

- Notary support

Sequential interpretation is interpretation when the translated speaker makes pauses in order to interpreter could interpret the sentence. Usually this kind of interpretation is made during negotiations, seminars, conferences, assembly of the equipment with participation of the foreign experts, interpretation at the exhibitions etc.

Translation agency AZAL accommodates interpreters who are members of staff for interpreting from/into the following languages: English, German and French. Our policy of interpreters selection whose work time is distributed only by the agency gives us possibility to render to the client the interpreter whom they know in person and who knows peculiarities of the work in this company. Interpreters of Italian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese and Japanese languages work as free lancers.

If you need qualified interpreter contact translation agency AZAL by any convenient way.

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